A Day in the Life of Mike the Mirror

This is the first story that I ever wrote (that I can think of). I was ten-years-old and very proud I received an “A.” Below is the transcription of the scanned copy with the grammar and spelling EXACTLY how it appears in my 4th grade creation. Enjoy!

A day in the life of Mike the Mirror.

One time I was asleep, and all the sudden I woke up. John walked into the bathroom and he was going to comb his hair. He had brown hair with blue eyes. I can tell because I am a mirror.

I smell like dirty hands and I have fingerprints all over me. I have a handle on me and if you pull on it you’ll see medicine in me. I am dirty because I am used alot. I want to be alone sometimes.

I have barely any friends. Only Willy the Window, Barry the Bathtub, and Arny the Airfreshener. No one likes me because they splash water on me and then wipe me with a rough cloth.

Another reason why some people hate me is because they make funny faces at me, and they stick out there tonges they breathe on me and I have to smell the odor of there mouth. And that’s why they don’t brush there teeth and I have to look at there teeth and John has twenty cavitys.

I eat Tylenol, my favorite, I like the aftertaste. I don’t like Bayer. I don’t like daylight. I don’t like it because it reflects off me and I blind the people looking at me and they blame me for it, and the sunlight blinds me I wish I was a bathtub.

The door slammed, that means John and his parents left to go to there grandparents. I might as well talk to Willy the Window, Barry the Bathtub, and Arny the Airfreshener. We were talking about no one liking us. Arny the Airfreshener say no one likes him because his head is always pressed down. Willy the Window says everyone treats him the way they treat me.

When we were done talking John came home. Barry the Bathtub was the only one treated right, he is washed every 15 minutes. He likes water and I can’t stand it. He drinks dirty water to. HA!! HA!! HA!!

UT! OH! It’s Lanny the Lightbulb – he always makes fun us, because no one likes us and he is always turned on. We can’t wait until he burns out.

The end.

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