Paraliths, Defined

Paraliths are boulders, and extremely rare. There are only eight in our multiverse. The first paralith was discovered a long time ago on planet Traum. Favrick Schuld, a native of Pine Knolls, stumbled across one while hiking deep into the woods on his land. When he touched it, he teleported thousands of miles away to... Continue Reading →

A Winter to Forget

December arose, a fever and body aches, Was this it? The clinic colorless, White floors, counters, and walls, seemingly sterile, Another person waiting, sitting far away, face covered, A dystopian science fiction movie, The Army of 12 Monkeys, or I Am Legend?Then my turn, A long, thin cotton swab in my brain, Ten days of... Continue Reading →

The Red Balloon

Margaret awoke on a spring morning, a morning that would prove to be a most memorable one. “Good morning, Monroe. Hello Sam," she said, grabbing her cane from her bedside. Her cats followed her into the kitchen and jumped on the counter as she started a pot of tea. “Oh my, you two must be... Continue Reading →

Oh…How I Miss That Smell

Below is a story I wrote using nothing but dialogue. There are only three characters. I couldn’t use them to describe their surroundings in any way. This was a fun exercise that made me think of creative ways to convey setting. “Hey Nate. I didn’t think I’d see you here today.” “Oh, hi Dick! Yeah,... Continue Reading →

My Circus Talent

I had spent my entire childhood trying to accomplish a dream: work in the circus. I fell in the love the first time I heard the creepy music and saw the ringmaster with his dazzling hat introduce a sword swallower. There was one thing missing from the circus, though. So at age seven, I practiced... Continue Reading →

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