Welcome Earthlings

Hello and thank you for visiting my site! In case you didn’t figure it out already, my name is Mike. I’m a registered dietitian and aspiring author. Ever since the 4th grade, one of my life-long dreams has always been to write a book. Now I’m very proud to say that I’ve finished my first novel, AND it was announced as finalist in this year’s Great Novel Contest. I’m currently sending queries to agents, so please wish me luck!

Here is the story I wrote in 4th grade that initially inspired me.

I’ve set up this site as a hub for my creative writing. Like watching a movie, I enjoy writing because it breaks the shackles of my mind tied to the stress of daily living. I hope the content on this site will do the same for you. Whether it be the nutrition non-fiction or random speculative fiction–or the combination of the two–my goal will always be to look at things simply, differently, and to not bore the living hell out of you.

I’m a BIG Cleveland sports fan. My most favorite sports team is the Browns (#dawgsgottaeat). I’m also a graduate of The Ohio State University with bachelors degrees in Communications and Medical Dietetics. Go Bucks!

At my home, you’ll find many books on my bookshelves that have been made into movies. One of my favorite things to do is watch a movie and then read the book that inspired it, or vice-versa. I love to see how movie producers translate a book. Usually, they do a crappy job, for I have rarely watched a movie that was better than the book. If you have ever seen a movie that was better than the book, shoot me a Facebook message or send me a tweet @mikesieminski–I’d love to hear about it!