Paraliths, Defined

Paraliths are boulders, and extremely rare. There are only eight in our multiverse.

The first paralith was discovered a long time ago on planet Traum. Favrick Schuld, a native of Pine Knolls, stumbled across one while hiking deep into the woods on his land. When he touched it, he teleported thousands of miles away to another paralith in the dwarven region of Traum called the Drackett Lands. The obsession began there.

For over three-hundred years, the Schuld family had dedicated themselves to studying and solving the paralith mystery. With each generation, the notes, maps, and other bits of knowledge were passed down to a single person, who took an oath to protect the family from the paraliths and keep them a secret.

The Schulds learned of eight paraliths, all interconnected in a sequence. Only half the paraliths in the chain possessed the power to open portals—the other half were receiving stones, and did not posses teleportation powers.

They also discovered only those who’ve touched the first paralith in Pine Knolls can unlock the powers of the remaining ones. There were no shortcuts. One couldn’t begin their journey at the third paralith–it simply wouldn’t work.

If one travels through the entire sequence, they’ll arrive at the eight paralith and complete their journey. The only problem is, the Schulds have no record of its location, or what happens when the journey is over.

The intentions of the Schulds to keep their secret and protect the family were noble. But as each generation passed, the obsession over the mysterious stones grew, and the family lies eroded the family. For long periods of time, family members went missing. Some were never seen again.

Who put these paraliths here? And why? Will the family mystery ever be solved? Find out in PARALITHS. Coming soon!

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