A Winter to Forget

December arose, a fever and body aches, Was this it? The clinic colorless, White floors, counters, and walls, seemingly sterile, Another person waiting, sitting far away, face covered, A dystopian science fiction movie, The Army of 12 Monkeys, or I Am Legend?Then my turn, A long, thin cotton swab in my brain, Ten days of... Continue Reading →

The Essential Nine Amino Acids

Amino acids are like legos. They come in many different shapes and sizes and they join together to form structures in our body called proteins. But these structures are constantly breaking down and falling apart, so your body needs a steady supply of them to repair and rebuild. There are 20 amino acids, eleven of... Continue Reading →

Putting the ‘Electro’ in Electrolytes

I love electrolytes. Anytime the word “electro” can be worked into a nutrition term, then I’m a fan. Hell, I’ll eat and drink more electrolytes just because the name is cool. But electrolytes, like antioxidants, are more than a sexy nutrition term. Electrolytes are minerals with electrical powers. They use their electricity to send communication... Continue Reading →

Calories and Campfires

Our metabolism is like a campfire. When we eat food and drink, it's sent to the liver to be metabolized and burned away like wood to produce heat (calories). If we hork down too much, like three out of every four people in America, we’re tossing a large amount of wood on a fire that... Continue Reading →

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